FMU first started as a virtual academy for those who were interested in learning more about femininity and resources for self-care products. By 2020, we came to understand the need for furthering the mindsets of both young ladies and adult women. After much research, we decided to pull our resources and find out what it would take to become a hybrid schooling system that would provide a high school curriculum while also harvesting a schooling system that would teach both life skills, talent training, and career readiness that is curated for each student.

I’m happy that I decided to enroll my daughter at FMUVA. There has been a positive shift in my child in less than 90 days. She cares about learning and about being respectful to herself and to others. I used to dread talking to teachers and now I look forward to getting feedback! Thank you for taking out the time to understand what my daughter needed in order to excel.

Most times…change comes from opportunities and resources.

I was very unsure of my daughter’s future until now. She was partnered with a mentor and FMU gave her opportunities to start from scratch and grow. I used to think if my child ever made the news it would be because of something bad and yet now I expect her to be on the news for something good. Thank you FMU!