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Defining Femininity

In this day and age, being a woman isn’t for the faint. Trying to care for loved ones, build a career, navigate relationships, and raise children there’s a thin line between having the time and having the motivation. It’s almost impossible to gain and maintain femininity if you don’t prioritize yourself first and many women have a problem separating in order to be consistent and intentional with being feminine. I’ve been there before ladies. I’ve grieved a loss, raised a daughter alone, faced a heartbreak, worked from home, and cried while drinking hot chocolate, yet…I came out…whole. This is why I got into Femininity Coaching and realize that this is something that also needs to be taught to teens as well before they step into adulthood and be in a world of hurt, depression, and hopelessness. I help both everyday females and high performing females just like you. You can have a family, a lifestyle, business, and more that will surely help you and help others.

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