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Your Secret Weapon

When some people mention femininity, they are using it as a dirty word. They don’t necessarily want you to have it because they don’t want you to be able to possess something that could make you more powerful than they are. This goes for male and female. The best thing a woman can do is get out of her masculinity and tap into being unapologetically feminine. Forget the idea of hypergamy hustling, acting like a man, and chasing butterflies in the sky. In order to really fulfill your desired results in life, you don’t contort yourself into what negative or cunning vision of womanhood is for someone else. Continue to be true to yourself and train the ways of the feminine Jedi and you’ll elevate your femininity in no time.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a determined career woman, an unappreciated wife, or a combination of these, you want a certain type of life that feels purposeful, pretty, poised, organized, seductive, and happy. Well, Femininity Melanin University is going to help you get there. Femininity won’t diminish who you are but it will enhance what you are. Join our classes or schedule a one-on-one with a trainer so that we can show you how to start your vision, build your regime/routine/rituals, and help you succeed in getting almost everything you want, need, and desire.

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